Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stuck in an Elevator and other Adventures!

Another week here in Győr and things are still going amazing!!! The work is really awesome, and I love the people that we're meeting with. 

 The other day, we went to go play basketball with a less active member and some of his friends, which was super fun, and then we decided to go play soccer too, and we found these 4 kids (14ish) playing soccer, so we played with them. They ended up being super cool, really nice kids. We had a good time with them, and they had fun with us too. So we went back with them later that week and played again, and are getting a pretty solid relationship with them. They text us a lot, and are super cool. We're hoping that we can get them to some activities at the church sometime. Super fun kids.

As for our other investigators, there is one girl we're meeting with and she is seriously perfect. She loves the church so much, and actually has a pen pal in Utah that she writes and has learned a lot about the church already. We basically don't even need to teach her anything because she already knows it all and has super strong faith in God and Christ. She knows that she wants to be baptized, she just wants to be totally ready. She came to church and really enjoyed it, so we're super excited about that.

Funny story of the week. Last night we went to visit some members at their apartment. Lots of fun, played card games and had snacks and stuff. Then we were leaving, and decided to all take the elevator down together. Now, try to imagine, a pretty beat down, 10 story communist apartment building, with a tiny little elevator, with 7 of us crammed in just about as tight as we could. So we go down 9 floors to the basement, and then right as we reach the bottom, we hear a litte thud, and drop down a little more. We open the elevator door, but cant open the door to get out. So basically, we end up being stuck in the elevator, crammed as tight as we could for like, half an hour. I know this would have been torture for my Mom, but luckily none of us were claustrophobic. It was super funny though ,and eventually a service guy came, and just unlocked the door with a key, and we ran out of there as quick as we could so not too many questions would be asked... Really funny though, and next week I'll try and get some pictures we took crammed in there.

Really good week and things are going great. Hit 8 months on my mission and 6 months in the country! pretty crazy how fast everything goes! Love you all and miss you tons!!! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Dalton

Elder Depallens baptized Éva on February 28.  She was confirmed by  Elder Parkinson on March 1.  Éva was found in English class by Elder Dalton and Elder Robinson where she expressed an interest to hear the Gospel.  She was taught by Elder Robinson, Elder Dalton, Elder Depallens and Elder Parkinson.

                                  P.S. took a district trip to Kiss street the other day.

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