Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another week in Győr

     So another week here in Győr and everything is going super well. Still kind of getting settled in, but I've grown to love the city already and the people too. So this week wasn't too exciting, and I have very little time to write, but I'll try and get to some highlights.

We had a Priesthood activity this week, we went about a half hour out of town on a bus, hiked through a random field, where they had a tiny little fire and we roasted big slices of bacon. It was fun, but just about nobody showed up from the ward.

Zone Conference
We had zone conference this week which was super awesome! President Kearon from the Seventy came and talked to us and it was super good. Learned a lot, and also got to see a lot of friends from other zones so that was pretty dope.

Stuff with the people is good. Everyone's still doing well that we're meeting with. The kids who just got baptized last month are good. Kind of hard to hold their attention when we meet, so we really only get to talk to them for 15 minutes, and then go play soccer or go to Mekis (McDonalds, aka, their favorite place ever). Also, we almost got kicked out of there for shooting spitballs, because apparently in Hungary, the McDonalds has a security guard. 

Can't think of a whole lot else, and my computer is about to shut off! I do miss Pécs where we had unlimited free computer use. Hope everything is well back home and that things are good. Love you all and have a great week.
Elder Dalton

P.S. Here are some random pictures from our real American pancake night!!! Hopefully I can send some pictures from this week next time. PEACE!

Also some pics from our trip to the Zoo

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