Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter in Hungary

 We had transfers on Wednesday, so that's always fun. I got to see all my friends in BP so that's cool, and I got my new companion Elder Kellogg (yes, as in the corn flakes).  It's cool because we came to the country together, so we can joke about the MTC, but we also sometimes have no idea what we're doing.  So it's a good experience!
Conference was super great!  I loved it, even though it was pretty hard to understand. I actually got to watch one session in English, and I really enjoyed Elder Bednars talk, but the rest was in Hungarian, and it was tough. The language is coming along pretty well. I can basically converse with people and do most of what I need, but still a lot of stuff I don't know. But conference is so much harder. I can understand decently, but I REALLY have to focus hard. So it's so much easier to tune out, but it was good. Really enjoyed it! 

  Love Easter Sunday, a great chance to remember the amazing sacrifice of our Savior and that he truly has risen and lives. I have such a strong testimony of that.  Hungary has some pretty interesting traditions. So Easter goes for two days, Sunday and Monday, and for some reason, on Monday, the guys are supposed to spray the girls with perfume, and the girls are supposed to give guys colored eggs.... It's honestly pretty hilarious. Some old man got mad at the sisters because they didn't give us anything. Gotta love Hungarian traditions!!!!

Everything is awesome. Great people that we're meeting with, and really love Győr. Super awesome place and hope that I can stay here for a long time!!! Sorry emails have been lame recently, but things have been pretty weird. Also, left my SD card at home, so I don't have any pictures except for this one.

Everyone at transfers was jealous of our swag

Have a good week.

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