Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome Home Elder Dalton!

Those of you who have welcomed a missionary home know that this day has been on the calendar for a very very long time! So waiting for said missionary's arrival can be painfully slow....  especially when traveling from Hungary to Bangor Maine... especially when the missionary travel department books the flight to Maine through Chicago ....  all the way across Western Europe, the Atlantic Ocean then half way across America and back again... you see what I mean.  Add to that a planned layover  of 5 hours and a 4 hour flight delay... yup you get the picture....  So here's what we did while we waited.... 

Long dinner at Texas Roadhouse

 Bowling at the Sport's Arena

Mid-night mini golf   
Yes, Logan check that flight status again.... and again....

 With nothing left to do but go to the airport and wait.... 
massage chairs, a Seinfield episode on the cell phone. balloon rescue from the ceiling (wish I had a picture of that) ..... and a 2 am nap on the airport floor.

Finally the plane arrives!!!  With Andrew!!

And all his luggage came with him this time!


Yes, we are so happy to have Andrew back home with us!!  It was a great two years!!!   

Thanks to all those of you who enjoyed this blog for the past 2 years!!  I have appreciated your enthusiasm and interest in one very far away missionary!!       Over and out!