Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moving on to Győr

So this has definitely been an interesting week. First off with some stuff thats going well:

There are some super awesome people over here in Pécs that we're working with. There is this one guy named Gábor, probably somewhere in his 20s, and looks pretty thug.  He's got big baggy pants and a beard and is pretty gangster and is so chill. He came to English class, and now he literally comes to every single activity.  Not only does he love all the activities and stuff, but really loves the church too. He's been reading the Book of Mormon, asks tons of good questions, and the other day, he told us that he believes that this is the true church! So that was all going super well, along with some more super great programs and people.

Now for some less than great stuff that happened this week:
So, part way through the week, my companion, Elder Barbour, got a call that he had to leave Pécs, so we spent a good portion of the week figuring that all out, and getting him packed and saying goodbye to a bunch of people and all this stuff. And then I just got a call that I was also getting transfered and am now going to Győr with Elder Wilcox. So this was kind of a tough week, but I hope for the best and am excited for the new city.

Actually gotta run now, sorry it's short and all, but gotta pack :( I'll talk to you next week. Love you all!
Here are some pictures from Elder Barbour leaving and I'll hopefully get some of Pécs before I leave...

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