Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stuck in an Elevator and other Adventures!

Another week here in Győr and things are still going amazing!!! The work is really awesome, and I love the people that we're meeting with. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another week in Győr

     So another week here in Győr and everything is going super well. Still kind of getting settled in, but I've grown to love the city already and the people too. So this week wasn't too exciting, and I have very little time to write, but I'll try and get to some highlights.

We had a Priesthood activity this week, we went about a half hour out of town on a bus, hiked through a random field, where they had a tiny little fire and we roasted big slices of bacon. It was fun, but just about nobody showed up from the ward.

Zone Conference
We had zone conference this week which was super awesome! President Kearon from the Seventy came and talked to us and it was super good. Learned a lot, and also got to see a lot of friends from other zones so that was pretty dope.

Stuff with the people is good. Everyone's still doing well that we're meeting with. The kids who just got baptized last month are good. Kind of hard to hold their attention when we meet, so we really only get to talk to them for 15 minutes, and then go play soccer or go to Mekis (McDonalds, aka, their favorite place ever). Also, we almost got kicked out of there for shooting spitballs, because apparently in Hungary, the McDonalds has a security guard. 

Can't think of a whole lot else, and my computer is about to shut off! I do miss Pécs where we had unlimited free computer use. Hope everything is well back home and that things are good. Love you all and have a great week.
Elder Dalton

P.S. Here are some random pictures from our real American pancake night!!! Hopefully I can send some pictures from this week next time. PEACE!

Also some pics from our trip to the Zoo

Monday, March 9, 2015

First week in Győr

      So yeah, this has definitely been a super interesting week, but really liking things in Győr so far. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to everybody in Pécs, especially when I only got to stay there for such a short time, and it was all very unexpected, but Győr is definitely the best place I could have come to!  The ward over here is super great. Lots of youth and really cool people, so that has been fun. Also, there are these three kids who got baptized about a month ago or so that we work with, and they are super awesome. 
Baptism of  Erik, Jázmin and Aladdin
Their names are Erik (13), Jázmin (9), and Aladdin (14). They honestly have some super hard home lives, and so the church has been a huge help for them. They are really good kids who are just stuck in a tough situation. They are totally awesome though, and having them here has definitely helped me adjust. Already love them like my younger brothers and sister.

Some other fun stuff we did this week, we went ice skating with one of our investigators (no pictures on my camera, but I'll get my comp to send me some later), and we went to this little zoo with a member family to look at two baby white tigers that the zoo just got! Super adorable and a lot of fun.  Everything's been going well and starting to make the adjustment.  The work is good over here and things are well! Győr is a super beautiful city (hopefully I'll have more pictures of the city next week.) 

So we also went to visit this couple that we are teaching, and they are seriously the coolest ever! The guy is in a rockband and plays concerts most weekends up in Budapest, so we got to talk a lot of music, and they are just a super cool couple!!! The girl actually had a big bag of pancake mix from Canada, so we actually got to have real American pancakes with real syrup!!! It was seriously the most delicious thing ever and made me feel like I was right back at home. Lots of fun.

Miss you all and hope everything is well! Love you all and hope you have a great week! We will talk to you next week!

Elder Dalton

P.S. Sorry, ran out of time on my computer, just one picture.... next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Moving on to Győr

So this has definitely been an interesting week. First off with some stuff thats going well:

There are some super awesome people over here in Pécs that we're working with. There is this one guy named Gábor, probably somewhere in his 20s, and looks pretty thug.  He's got big baggy pants and a beard and is pretty gangster and is so chill. He came to English class, and now he literally comes to every single activity.  Not only does he love all the activities and stuff, but really loves the church too. He's been reading the Book of Mormon, asks tons of good questions, and the other day, he told us that he believes that this is the true church! So that was all going super well, along with some more super great programs and people.

Now for some less than great stuff that happened this week:
So, part way through the week, my companion, Elder Barbour, got a call that he had to leave Pécs, so we spent a good portion of the week figuring that all out, and getting him packed and saying goodbye to a bunch of people and all this stuff. And then I just got a call that I was also getting transfered and am now going to Győr with Elder Wilcox. So this was kind of a tough week, but I hope for the best and am excited for the new city.

Actually gotta run now, sorry it's short and all, but gotta pack :( I'll talk to you next week. Love you all!
Here are some pictures from Elder Barbour leaving and I'll hopefully get some of Pécs before I leave...