Thursday, February 19, 2015

A day on the farm

     Another sweet week here in Pécs, although we had  a lot of stuff going on. First off, on Tuesday we had to travel to Budapest for interviews, which was about 7 hours of total travel, and then the next day we had a zone training in Dunaújváros, which is about another 7 hours of travel. So for the first half of the week we were basically just traveling the whole time and didn't actually get anything done. And it was pretty exhausting, but other than all of that, everything was pretty great!  We got to meet with some super cool people this week, and still just having a good time down here!

On Saturday we actually went with one of our friends to this random animal shelter or something like that. Kind of weird to explain, but we basically went to this random field with a bunch of random animals (seriously, horses and sheep and yaks and a cow, all inside the same fence...) and then they gave us a dog that we got to play with for a little bit. It was super muddy, and kind of gross, but the dog was super fun and so that was cool. Probably not going to wear our nice clothes if we go again though, because we got super dirty...

 Then on Sunday, after church, we went out with one of the members to this tiny little falu (village) about 20 kilometers away, and when I say tiny, I seriously mean it. We had to take a train out, and then walk for about ten minutes through empty fields till we got there. And it was seriously the tiniest little town I'd ever seen. They said there were about 150 to 200 people. Even coming from Maine it seemed too isolated for me.  Just this totally random cluster of houses in the middle of nowhere.

     OK, this post is pretty random, but I don't have a whole lot more time, so it's whatever. Yesterday, we were going to email, but then we had some stuff we had to deal with. So after our entire day of doing stuff around town, we were just heading back to our apartment, and I checked my pockets, and I couldn't find our keys anywhere. We started searching all of our bags and every pocket, but we couldn't find them anywhere. We then spent the next couple of hours, retracing every single step we took that whole day, going back to the mall, looking through all the stores, restaurants, and every other place and we just couldn't find them. We finally searched every single place we could find, so we decided to just see if we could get into our apartment somehow through a window or something. We had to call one of our neighbors to open the door to the building, and then walked up to our door, pushed, and it flew open. I'd left the keys in the other side of the door.  So that was pretty dumb but we were super pumped we found them. 

Anyway, nothing else very exciting, hope you all have a great week and we will talk to you next week!
Elder Dalton

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