Friday, February 5, 2016

18 Months

Hey there!!! 

Yes, I hit the 18 month mark! Pretty weird huh? Just 6 more months! I go back and forth though. Sometimes it seems like such a short time, and other times it seems quite long,
Our week was good! Pretty uneventful as well, but I guess we got to do some fun stuff! We played some ping pong with one of our investigators and we went for a hike in a nearby village, so I guess it was a pretty fun week! Other than that, things are pretty standard though! I had to teach in priesthood, but it was simple, but still I always worry about having to teach in Hungarian! It's a lot easier to wing it in English, that's for sure!  

The weather has been super nice over here! Like summer! We didn't need jackets or anything and we went the other day to play basketball with the kids that we visit sometimes, but it was just kind of playing around and having fun. I mean, I really haven't played serious basketball since I was back home! So I will be excited to hit up the Y when I get back!!! Some noon time or something! As for activities, not too much. If we want to do something fun, we usually invite some young people to a cafe or something and have hot chocolates and just hang out and talk. 
Transfers are next week so we'll see where I go next. I wish I could stay longer, but changing is always good I suppose. I am ready and not ready. Weird, I know. This could be my last transfer.  There are definitely places that I would like to go and places that I would not like to go, but I thought about it, and since I have kind of been in the same area my whole mission, I think I would like to stay in a ctiy close by, to make it a little easier for when we come back to travel around! But other than that, I'm not too picky. I would go anywhere!!! 

 Hope you all have a great week and love you lots!!!

Elder Dalton

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