Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy 2016!

Hey everyone!!! Happy 2016!!! Hope that you all had an awesome New Years and that this year will be a great one! Who would have thought that 2016 was actually gonna get here! I know I didn't.   Mission New Years are definitely not the craziest, but relaxing nights are good too! 
 I think my time in Hungary has made me pretty wimpy, because it feels WAY cold out here!!! Seriously though! I am ready for spring already! I need to spend some more time back in Maine to get that warm Mainer blood back in me! Yeah, the weather has been pretty weird recently! So we got snow this week and it pretty much came out of nowhere but it was fun! Lots of snow quick and some mini snow ball fights. The snow really makes me feel like I'm at home, its weird! 
Things in Pápa are pretty much the same. Nothing too exciting. We just started one of our investigators on a stop smoking program, so we will see how that goes. We are hopeful!  Trying to work with a lot of the members still and the branch, which is awesome by the way.    We also got to meet with the American family, so that is always fun to visit with them! I gave a prayer in English and totally kept stumbling over my words. It actually was hard for some reason! Hungarian does something to your mind!!!  Oh, and I gave a talk in church this week too! I was a little worried about it when I first was working on it because I was supposed to talk for 20 minutes... I mean, you know that in English that wouldn't be too much of a problem, but in Hungarian, it was a different issue. But luckily, my ability to just talk for long times payed off and I even ran a little bit long, so I think it ended up alright!  I spoke about missionary work. fitting, right? 
We haven't been to the school the past couple of weeks because of the holidays, but we are going tomorrow, which should be fun! We had English class again after a little break, so that was good.
We also might actually have an opportunity to play some basketball over here in Pápa though, so thats cool! At some school or something. Maybe this week or the week after, we will see.   I guess the snow was the big thing of the week. And it was funny, cuz the Hungarians were freaking out about it and how dangerous and slippery it was, and I'm like, please, it's just a sprinkle. We go to school in stuff like this.
Good luck to the Pats! Give me a play by play next week!
Love you all and hope you have a great week! Miss you lots!

Elder Dalton

A few pictures of the snowy days. 


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