Monday, May 4, 2015

Mission Ninja's

Hey there! Another week gone by in Győr and it’s already May, which is pretty ridiculous!!... In just a couple of months I will be at my one year mark!!! Can you even believe that? It really does fly by! Especially when you’re doing the work of the Lord!

So first off, last P day, we just had a little picnic with the other missionaries, and went whipping and even did some American Ninja Warrior challenges (aka, climbing across the top of the swings). The pic isn’t exactly how the whips are supposed to be used, but they are actually super fun and super loud. Apparently Hungary is known for having really good whips, so who knew? I will definitely be bringing one of those home.

Teaching is going good but this week was kind of tough... A lot of people couldn’t meet this week, I actually feel kind of bad because people always talk about these amazing miracles and experiences that they have on their missions, but honestly, Hungary is just a little bit tougher. I have still seen lots of miracles on my mission, but it’s just kind of different... The Lord's work always goes forward, so we still find people, but it’s usually more like, 1 or 2 a transfer. I’ve gotten pretty used to not having much success, so it really doesn’t bother me all that much. I’ve learned to focus on the little success we do have and to rejoice in those! 
We just started working with this super awesome 20 year old guy who was a referral  from one of the members. He’s a super cool guy, studying to be a police officer, and hopefully we can give him a Book of Mormon next time we meet! He seems to really like being with us, so that’s good! The work really is even more amazing when the members are involved.  
Also, we had a fantastic program with one of our investigators.We had a big talk about what a testimony actually is, what she actually believes, and told her that is her testimony. Testimonies don’t have to be big, but can be small too, it’s really what we believe and hold dear.  It was one of the most spiritual programs I had ever been in.. Anyway, running out of time, but love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Dalton

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