Monday, May 18, 2015

Rooftop View

 What's up everyone! Only a couple more weeks left in the transfer and probably Győr, so that's pretty hard to believe!  I do have some exciting news this week! Janka decided that she is going to be baptized!  May 30th, which is great because then I will be able to be there for her! How it happened, is basically, we walked into a program one day, and she said, hey guys, I've decided that I'm ready to get baptised and I want it to be this month.  She is so awesome and I am super happy that I got the chance to know her.  She has amazing faith in God and in Jesus Christ. So that is really exciting! 
That was the really big news for the week, and we are working with her now, figuring out the details, but that's going to be a really amazing experience! 

 We had interviews with our mission president this past week which was good. Got to talk to him a little bit, and I got to see some of my friends in the mission up in Budapest and go out to lunch with them, so that was a lot of fun.
Last night, we also went to one of the members house, and deep fried some cheese and had a big party/picnic on the roof. I have some pictures I'll attach, and they will probably post some more on facebook that you can see. 

It's such a great opportunity for me to be out here in Hungary, and help people make a change in their lives and find happiness. It's definitely tough sometimes, but totally worth it to help people overcome a lot of their problems and issues, and help them really figure out what it is that they need in their life so that they can be happy. I would also just like to say that I'm really grateful for this gospel.  I'm grateful for my Father in Heaven, and I'm thankful for my family. Families really are the most important part of what we teach people, and that we can find joy with them, and live with them for eternity after this life. 

Hope you are all doing good back home and I miss you all tons! Love you lots and have a great week.

Elder Dalton

p.s. This picture is a pretty good description of Hungary. Some nice parks and views, surrounded by communist ten story buildings that all look the same. Kind of interesting.

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