Monday, April 27, 2015

Trip to the Zoo

Whats up! Hows everyone doing this week? Hope things are good back home! Because things are pretty great on this end.   First off, the weather is absolutely gorgeous for the past couple of days. I've never experienced a real spring like this before!!! Usually just muddy snow and cold, but seriously, it feels like summer. Almost too hot some days, but I'm not complaining!!! With that everything's going well out here! 

First off, we went to the zoo!!! One of our investigators (Zsofi) invited us to go with her, and that was super awesome. They had tigers, zebras, chimps, giraffes and everything!!! It was a ton of fun. We even got to pet some of them, because Hungary doesn't really have a whole lot of safety regulations, so we pet a giraffe and some camel and goats. It was super sick. 

Then, on saturday, when of the guys from English class (super awesome guy by the way, and speaks perfect english) invited us to a giant cook out in his village where they roasted an entire cow or bull or something. It was super fun, they had food, music, and plays around this beautiful pond, and they even brought out a miniture pony! #lilsebastion Super good time, and got to meet some cool people. 

So those were the exciting moments of the week. Last night we went to a members house (Barbs) with our investigator (Janka) and the other missionaries. 

 Other than that, things are good. Excited for the summer, and excited to talk with the family in just a couple of weeks! Thanks for all the support and everything! Love you all lots and have a great week!


 From last week's email...  I had my birthday and that was lots of fun. Played soccer, went to the mall and made palacsintas (basically crepes) with the other elders. 

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