Monday, April 13, 2015

What's Up

What's up!

 The weather is turning beautiful, and the streets are filling up with people and tourists, so the city looks great! Things are all going really well out here but not that much exciting this week.   We still spend a lot of time with the kids. The other day we were in the branch house talking while they were playing outside (yes, we are basically their parents) and we walk out to find them with a bunch of chairs from inside stacked up by the tree trying to climb up it. They are a lot to deal with sometimes, but also lots of fun. Didn't think I would have to worry about kids on my mission though...

So other than that things are going well. The other elders have a car now, so that's pretty sick. We get to cruise around with them sometimes which is pretty awesome. Sorry not too much else is exciting. Hope everything is good with everyone back at home!!! Love you all lots and have a good week. 

Elder Dalton

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