Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

     Hey!!! Everything is going great!!! I really love my new companion, he is a super great guy and we've been doing a lot of  good work. He only has 5 months left, but he wants to work really hard to the end of his mission, which is a really great example for me. It is pretty weird having a new companion, and it was fun with Elder Robinson, but my companion is still great, so Im real excited about it!!! He does stuff a little bit differently, but I have already learned a lot from him and the work is going really well again. I could almost guarantee you that I will be moving at the transfer.   It will be super sad, because I love it here in the city, but I am also excited for something new and something different. I will probably end up going to some of the smaller branches and cities in the countryside and I'm actually pretty excited about it. Just hope I can keep getting good companions!!!        So I actually heard from a lot of friends back home, so I don't have time to write a big message to everyone, but I will just let you know a little bit of how things are going: This week has been great! Had the transfers like I said, and love serving with Elder Depallens. One thing that was interesting, is people went CRAZY before the New Years. We went to the grocery store, to try and buy food, and it was packed. We waited in line for about 30 minutes, and then when we were almost there. The cashier told us that everyone behind us, can't buy their stuff, even though the line extended through the whole store. People literally almost revolted, and after us, the cashier just got up and left, and there were probably 50 people in the line. There was almost a riot, I swear it was ridiculous. But also super funny.

For New Years we didn't really do anything exciting. We had the whole day off, so we played some soccer with the other missionaries, did some sight seeing, and then came back for a little New Years party at the ward. Then played some games with the other missionries. Lots of fun, but probably the most low key New Years I've ever had. Still lots of fun. 

Other than that, things are going super well. We're having a lot of fun out here, but it's gotten a lot col

der. The work is going great and Im loving it!  Not too much planned for today, probably just do some shopping and maybe play some basketball or something. Love you all lots! 
Have a great week!!! 


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