Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moving on to Pécs!

Yeah, it’s transfer week and I am going to be leaving my first city. It was super sad to say goodbye to a lot of people, and I am going to miss it a lot, but I am going to one of the coolest places in the mission! It’s a city called Pécs and it is just about the most beautiful city in Hungary. Seriously, look up pictures of it. It’s amazing. I’m actually opening a companionship with Elder Barbour, so we are going to have our work ahead of us, but I am way excited about it!!! Sad about leaving, but excited about the new opportunities ahead!!!

So this past week was great though. We had a ton of work, and things are really going awesome over here. First off, we met with the most amazing  person I have ever met. I can’t even describe it here, and I won’t try to, but basically he taught us for an hour. I dont think I’ve ever met someone with so much faith. It was undescribable, so I won’t.  So this is one of the biggest reasons that I am sad about leaving, is because we met one of the coolest people ever. His name is Roland. We got a call from a member in Pest the other day, and said there was this guy who wanted help turning his life around and coming back to the church (he is already a member). So this guy has been through it all. Seriously, he’s had more crap in his life than anyone I’ve met. He is 21 and lived in America for 15 years, so he speaks English better than he does Hungarian, which is nice. But he got into a lot of stuff that we don’t have to get into, but bottom line he was sent to prison in America. He was potentially facing 41 years in prison. He ended up moving around all the time, and spent about 2 years, and then got deported back to Hungary. He’s been living here for two years and he says his life is still down the toilet. So we have been meeting with him a lot this week and he’s seriously the coolest man I’ve ever met.  I've only known this fool for less than a week, but I swear he’s already like a brother. He is trying to quick smoking right now, and clean up his life so he can get a job and make something for himself. He’s also way talented at everything. Plays the piano ridiculously well, plays base guitar, draws, good at sports, smart and just an awesome dude. He’s working so hard to change his life and it’s seriously so amazing to see and help him. We’re gonna start him on a quit smoking program this week, so any prayers would be appreciated. This is why I love my mission, that I can make a difference in people lives like this. 
I also went on splits this week with one of my friends from the MTC, Elder Ady, so that was super fun. We’re both young here, so we actually had no idea what was happening or what people were talking about, but we had a lot of fun together.
I love this work and I love these people. Hope everything is great back home. Have a good week, if you’re in Maine, stay safe in the snow, and GO PATS!!!

Elder Dalton

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