Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Staying in Buda

      Today we found out what's happening tomorrow for our transfers! I am going to be staying in Buda for a little bit longer! And Elder Robinson is getting sent out! So I will be getting a new companion tomorrow! His name is Elder Depallens and he sounds like a super cool guy! He used to play basketball at SD State and I've heard he's a lot of fun. Super excited about that! Also excited that I get to stay in Buda a little bit longer. Not sure how much longer it's going to last, but I've really loved being here. There are so many great people, and the city is amazing. 

     Also, Merry Christmas I guess, little late but we had a lot of fun over here. 

Things were a little bit interesting in the beginning of the week, because we are still working, but literally everything had shut down. People don't mess around with their vacation here. But then from Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas we got a little bit of a break (extra P day) so it was a lot of fun. 

    Christmas Eve we went out to a family's house and spent the night with them. They are the coolest family ever and we really like visiting them. The Dad is not a member of the church and only the mom comes to church anymore. We played games with them and ate a ton of food and it was great. Also, interesting culture thing, they all open their presents on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas day. Not a huge fan of that one, because then Christmas is a little more boring, but it was still a lot of fun! 

 On Christmas day, we had a big breakfast with the other missionaries in Buda, 

went to lunch and dinner with some more people, 

and then I got to skype with my family!!! 

It was great talking to them!

     And, as a late Christmas gift, we got snow a few days ago! But along with that, it got FREEZING COLD!!! It was about 5 degrees out yesterday, so talking to people on the street was a bit of a struggle. This is probably what its going to be like for the rest of the time now, so its really exciting :P

But, things are still going super great out here! We have a lot of great people we are working with!!! We had a super great lesson the other day wtih a lady named Sós Éva (not sure if I've talked about her before or not, she's like our Hungarian mom, brings us food all the time and is super nice). We talked about the church for a while, and about baptism, and she agreed to be baptized on Feb 28! The spirit was really strong and she said how she always feels so good in the church and when we meet. We are super excited for her and have already seen how much her life has improved!  Also, this one less active member that we have been working with just told us about how grateful she is for us and that she came back to the church. She said how much better her life is because of it. I know that we find amazing blessings as we find God in our lives. I'm so grateful for all of you and all that you do, and I have already seen peoples lives change. I love this work and I love the Hungarian people. Have a great New Year!

BÚÉK!!! (Boldog Új Évet Kívánok (Happy New Year))

Elder Dalton

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