Monday, January 19, 2015

Last week in Buda

Although I’m way out here in Hungary where football is practically unheard of, still gotta love the Patriots doing work and going to the Superbowl! We actually went and visited a part member family yesterday, and one of their boys watches American football, so we were talking to him a lot about the playoffs and stuff like that. Unfortunately, I won’t get to watch it, but will definitely be there in spirit!  I hope that the Pats win!!! I’d rather miss a championship season than a loosing one!!

So along with that, we had a super great week. We were totally packed with programs and work to do, we barely had time the whole week. It was super great though and things are going really well. Unfortunately, this upcoming week is potentially my last week in Buda, but that’s OK because the rest of the country is super beautiful and I would be excited to experience something new! The one thing is that in some other places, they have a different accent than in Budapest. So if it’s hard enough to understand people here, it is near impossible around the rest of the countryside. 

     Anyway, things are super awesome!!! We have a lot of great people that are doing well, and probably one of the best highlights of the week is with one of our recent converts, Molnár Balázs (I think I’ve talked about him before). So we have been visiting his family (his mom and her boyfriend) every week now and it is going super well ow! We go out there every Saturday and they absolutely love us. And last Saturday we went out, and had a big discussion with them about the gospel and they were really interested in it. Even Laci (the boyfriend) was asking tons of questions and he normally had said that he doesn’t foglalkozni (like, deal with) religious stuff. It was so great, and we talked for a long time, and the mom said that she will probably get baptized at some point, she just isn’t sure when yet. And Laci was super interested and we are so excited about them. We told them to pray about it this week so hopefully they will! Balázs is super excited about it too. The one down side is that I am going to have to leave soon, but hopefully they can keep progressing!!!

Other than that we’ve just been going hard. We also visited the Bishops family and had a great lesson with his non member daughter there and she actually listened! So we’re also way excited about all that! Today, we don’t really have any plans. Probably hang out with the other missionaries a little bit, have some programs later and we will see how things go. Excited/sad for my last week here in Buda! Hope it can be a good one! Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

Dalton Elder

Here is a video that Joey Erickson made of all the missionaries serving around the world  from the Bangor Maine Stake

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