Monday, May 23, 2016

Another week in Budapest!

Oh man, I am hungry right now and just thinking about Rosalies Pizza!  Pizza just isn't the same out here! It's pretty dang cheap, but as I'm sure we all know, nothing matches up to Rosalies pizza! We're gonna be busy when I get back!!! 
Well I have 9 weeks left from today. That's one transfer. Pretty crazy when you think about it! I really have been out here for a long time! It feels like this is my entire life, but it also feels like it flew by! Bitter sweet!
My week was good. I feel like I say this everytime, but pretty much same old! Stuff in the office was routine. My friend Mike from BYU went home this week, so that was weird!!! He's going to Singapore where his dad is mission president which is kind of interesting. We also had zone training this week which was fun. Some good stuff and they put on a conference talk and turned off the lights so we all got a little nap in there too! hahahaha. Oh, and a cool little thing for the week: The other day we were finishing up in the office and the weather was nice so we decided to go way out kind of to this random part of the city that is supposed to be pretty nice for some streeting (and a little bit of enjoying the sights) and this is literally a place that I have never been nor will I probably go again, but we get up there and then we are walking down the street, and I see one lady who looks familiar, and then I get closer and she yells out to me and says hi, and I'm trying to place who she is. Well, we go up and talk to her and then I remember she was one of my old investigators from when I was here in Buda the first time! So we talked for a little bit and she said she would like to meet with us again so hopefully we can meet with her next week! One thing I've definitely learned on my mission is that there aren't coincidences for a missionary. Which is pretty cool. God always works with us where we are and we never really know the full extent of his plan and what we might run into that day!!! I have had lots of instances like that running into people we know in random places. So, good to have someone behind the wheel of this work!!!

Other than that, stuff is just pretty routine.  I probably only have a few more weeks in the office, I'm kind of excited to go back to being a normal missionary for a little while, but the office is still good, so no complaints! And I'm hoping I dont have to go too far for my last 5 weeks or at least go somewhere I've already been! That way I can at least do something! 

Anyway, thats about it. There are people painting our apartment right now, so we are going to have to be out and about for pday. No plans, but maybe we will find something fun! Hope everything is going well for everyone back home!

Love you!
Elder Dalton
Here's a few pictures

What a surprise to find Tanja's cousin Melanee at church!

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