Monday, June 6, 2016

A Trip to Eger


Things are going fine here! Kind of same old...but we did have a good adventure this week! We took a little road trip with the senior elder here in the office! One of the missionaries washing machines broke, and a neighboring city's branch house was out of internet, so we took a little road trip! We loaded up the big mission van with the washing machine we had here in the storage and drove to Eger which is on the East side of the country. It was actually the first time I have ever been to the east, so that was cool! So we had our road trip, and then dropped off my companion, Elder Krueger, with the Senior couple in Eger, so he could get working on the internet (because he is a computer genius). Then,  Elder Simkins and I drove to Miskolc, a relatively close by city to bring the washing machine. We ended up having to haul the thing up 4 flights of stairs. It wasn't the lightest washing machine, but we somehow managed to get it up there with the two of us and install it in the elders apartment. Miskolc wasn't super pretty, there were a few nice spots, but then we went back to Eger to meet up with everyone else. After a little bit, Krueger was able to fix the internet, so everyone was really happy there, and then we got to go get some lunch with the Petersons, the senior couple in Eger, the ones who know Jason! They are super nice and we talked with them for a little while. They are still in the same ward as Jason's parents I believe and they said they remembered when he was in young mens. Small world. We went to this palacsinta place (I feel like I have mentioned these before, but palacsintas are basically like crepes) which was super delicious. We also got to walk through the city a little bit which was really beautiful!!! I have a few pictures from the trip that I'll attach. We didn't end up getting back till about 6, and we left at 8 in the morning, so it was an all day excursion! Pretty exhausting, but it was fun! And cool to mix it up and get out of the office for a little bit.

Other than all that, everything was pretty much routine! Nothing too exciting, but tomorrow, we have this broadcast stake conference kind of thing at the stake center. I guess its just some sort of area broadcast, it's coming from Salt Lake. Not really sure what it's going to be or what it will be about, but it should be fun! Oh, and the sisters also have a baptism today, so we will be going to that! Should be good! But yeah, I really only have one more week in the office, which at this point, I am pretty excited about. I have liked it here, and am glad I had the opportunity, but it will be nice to get out at this point. After I get out of the office, I just have 5 weeks and then I'm on my way! Crazy stuff am I right?

 Anyway, hope you all have another great week  Happy summer!!!
Love to all,

 This is from stake conference. On the way over, we found the one American school bus in all of Hungary!!! Not quite sure how they got it over here, but there it was!

 We actually got to see a little concert :) One of those big outdoor festivals that they always have in Hungary and actually, one of our investigators was playing at it, and invited us to go check it out. He's a drummer and actually wayyyy good. Super cool guy. It was this Elvis cover band that was actually surprisingly good!!!  It was hilarious though because all the everyone started swing dancing in the front and got way into it. Never knew Hungarians loved Elvis so much but I guess they do!  It was cool. Lots of people and beautiful weather!

 Here's the elvis show. Our friend is the one in the back playing the drums. Didn't really get a good picture of him but he was super glad we came!!!

 The entire hungarian army 


A few pics from the car. You might be able to kind of see a few mountains in the back. Yes, Hungary does kind of have a few mountains!!! 

The main square in Eger

And our palacsintas. They usually arent quite that fancy, but we went to a pretty nice place! 


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