Sunday, April 24, 2016

Turning 21

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! And before I forget to mention, yes I did get your birthday package! I actually got it last week, I just forgot to mention it in my email! So it arrived with plenty of time to spare!  Definitely enjoyed it. Just some good ol classic American snacks. I have been trying to save the goods and sparingly eat them throughout the week, but last night I opened the goldfish, and went through the whole bag. I just couldnt stop!!  So yeah, I had a good birthday!  You know I like things pretty low key! So the day was pretty much business as usual. Went into the office in the morning. Did normal work and what not. Later on in the afternoon though, we got to play a little basketball which was fun! I was pretty bad given it's been a while, but the weather was GORGEOUS (and still is, not to make you jealous) so that was lots of fun. And then we went out for dinner later and the sisters also brought me cupcakes, so that was actually lots of fun! I will still take a missionary birthday over finals on my birthday like I had in college, that's for sure! 

Today wasn't anything too special either, but it was still good! We had sport nap (sorry, sport day) this morning and played some soccer and basketball, then after we went out to lunch with Sanyi, a member from Győr who moved up to Budapest a few weeks ago. And then we just kind of chilled out, so pretty nice. That's good that you guys are getting some nice weather as well! 

So for a teaching experience of the week... Well, we actually had a good lesson with a guy we taught last week, and he agreed to get baptized next month, but then this week we met with him, and he said that now he has decided that he doesn't want to get baptized. So I guess that's not the best teaching experience, but that's what happened!!! Other than that, we have had some pretty standard programs, but have been in the office extra long because Pres. Szabadkai was out in Frankfurt for a mission president's seminar.  

Anyway, I should probably get going. It's great to hear from you as always  Anyway, have a great week everyone! 


Some pictures from the Kilátó. It was rather foggy, so we didn't really see much... :P

The kilátó (lookout tower) and some bonfire action!

We also had a visit to Johnny's last week with the Simkins (not sure if I told you about that one or not...) It is an American restaurant and it was DELCIIOUS! 

                                                   Yes, that is a real, American burger!

                                                        Birthday cupcakes!

Me with Kati who brought me a birthday cake!

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