Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's going to be a Pápa Christmas!

So yes, transfers are tomorrow and the big news is..... I am staying in Pápa for Christmas!!! And I am getting a new comp! Elder Stanley! I am way pumped about it because we served around eachother in Pest! He was Wilcox's greenie! So it is going to be awesome and we are stoked! Should be a good Pápa Christmas! No need to feel sorry for us. Christmas was awesome last year and it is going to be a great one this year too! 

Things in Pápa are going really well!  I could have sworn I mentioned  the hike! It happened a couple of weeks ago. If I didn't... then we went on a hike, and it was really nice and pretty and we saw a castle!  Went with the branch, so that was cool!!! 
 We do have bikes! And I crashed on it the other day :P You know my history with bikes! I don't know why I am so bad on them! It wasn't bad at all, I didn't even get scrapped up or bleed anywhere, but I did mess the bike up a little bit. I hit the curb and it threw the tire crooked and then flipped me over it. Nothing bad, just embarassing... It was in the middle of a big intersection. But pretty comical! Other than that everything is normal. We had a pretty average week. 
Oh, I FINALLY got to watch Meet the Mormons. They put it out in Hungarian a couple weeks ago and we watched it with the branch (in Hungarian, so not quite the same, but I got most of it) and it is really good! I liked it a lot! Really cool stories about the people! And I got a little sad too when they were talking about the missionary.... I didn't cry (like some people...) but I do miss you guys a lot! 
The weather has been way nice here too! We had a day where it was like, probably 50 or so degrees out, and people were still complaining about it, and I was like, for December this is amazing! Back home we go swimming in this weather!!!! Christmas time is absolutely gorgeous here in Hungary. Pápa is pretty nice, but we went to Gyor for splits again this past week and it was amazing! They had lights all over the city and they had big stands set up every where, a skating rink in the square, and the town hall was all decked out with lights! The lights and all the stands are really awesome!!! 
Anyway, some interesting stuff for the week: First of all, we went to a members house this week, and ate what is commonly referred to as pig jello. So basically, they take all the left over parts of the pig (ears, legs, etc.) and get all the fat and juices out of them, and then turn it into a gelatine. Then they put some meat in the middle of this jello, and put it in the fridge. I normally like most things, well it wasn't quite as bad as it may sound... This past week was the Hungarian St. Nicholas day! (Mikulás Napja) I probably said this last year, but just as a reminder, here in Hungary, Santa doesn't bring the presents, but the baby Jesus does! So they celebrate Santa on the 6th! And so we were in Győr on Friday and went to a Mikulas party there and then back in Pápa on Saturday for the party there! So that was lots of fun!!! Other than that, things are pretty much normal! We got my bike fixed so everything is now going smoothly! 
We have also been using some new Christmas cards that we got and it is great now! A lot more people are open to the message of Christ in the Christmas season! The Savior is born!!! A Savior is Born   Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! Only a couple more weeks and then it's Christmas!
Love Andrew

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