Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey there! 

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite days of the year! Plans for us are currently none.   Sadly, it won't be like last year with the Turkey bowl, since it's just us, but we are hoping that we will get to go somewhere for dinner or something and have a good time. But it looks like we might be having a pretty  normal day for Thanksgiving out here! But hope you all have a great time!  Family, food and football? Where could you possible go wrong?

My comp and I are doing well. Same old same old. We have a lot more programs for the next week, so the work is actually going really well! This week we had a guy randomly call us and say he wants to learn more about our church which was super awesome! Believe me, that RARELY happens, so you gotta take those tender mercies where you can! And I just ended up talking to another guy here at the library for a while and we are going to meet with him sometime as well!  So we are pretty excited about stuff coming up! 
 We were pretty busy (relative to Pápa) with a lot of stuff going on. Also, my bike tire blew up at a rather inconvenient time, so we were walking around a little bit more than usual. But everything was good through out the week. We had a zone conference in Győr which was cool. Got to see some mission friends and a few more people from Győr (including Janka, which was great!) Other than that it was just kind of the normal stuff! I know that's probably not what you like to hear, but sometimes (most of the time) there just isn't that much interesting stuff that is going on! 
K, gotta run now,  hope that everyone has a great week! Go Pats!


Some pictures from our hike.

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