Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer in Sopron

     So yeah, things in Sopron are good. The Volt festival is going to be HUGE! Really, like, people tell us that the streets are just going to be packed and the whole city is going to explode, so that will be cool, and I would think that during concert festivals and stuff, people are more willing to chat on the street. So we're excited about that! Other than that, our week was pretty normal. Actually, interesting story, the other day, we were coming back to our apartment, and we heard a bunch of music coming from the Főtér (like, the main square) and we swung through to check out some more festivities going on getting ready for the big festivals. Well, we were walking through, and then we sat down for a minute to watch some stuff, and then this little girl fell off a statue right behind us and hit her head on the concrete. It wasn't super high, but it was a big fall.  We ran over, and it took like, a minute or so before her Mom finally noticed and ran over, but I didn't really know how to react. Kind of tougher in a foreign country as a missionary being able act in those situations, but they took her to the ambulance parked by, and she ended up being fine. But it was kind of freaky.

We met with a few more new people, trying to build up some work, that have some solid promise. There is one lady that used to meet with the missionaries and was almost baptized, but then she didn't and stopped meeting.  We went to her house and met with her and her daughter, and she seemed interested in learning about the church again, so that would be cool! We also met with this guy who used to be a pro basketball player in Pécs, and he is super cool. Single dad with two daughters, and he wants to come back to church, just a lot of tough things going on in his life. But a way cool guy. Also the district presidency came to church this week, and we met with them brainstorming ideas for how to help the branch, so we have a lot of hope that things are going to be good over here! I really appreciate the support though because there are definitely some days that I need it. And it helps me to know that you are all supporting me and loving me back home! 
I have met the new mission president! He is from Pécs and the whole family is totally awesome. He is a really good guy and I think he is going to do a really good job getting stuff going here in hungary. We're all excited to see what kinds of changes he makes and how things will work. Exciting stuff! 

 Thanks for all the support back home and hope you all have a HAPPY 4th of July!!! 

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