Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Moving on AGAIN!

     Hey, so we had transfers today, and I guess I'm getting transfered. So after 5 weeks in Sopron, unfortunately, I have to leave. But I will be going to Kispest, which is in BP which will be super cool to be back in the big city again. Kind of sucks to leave after such a short time though, but all well, it will be good!!! 

     But anyway, we had a super awesome (last) week in Sopron. So to start off, we got our new mission president this week! We had a surprise conference in Győr on Thursday, but before we get to that, there was some exciting events the night before. So we were back in our apartment, it was getting pretty late, and then I get a call from the other elders here in Sopron, and SOME RANDOM GUY BROKE INTO THEIR APARTMENT!!! They were both in bed, and then they heard the door open, and the light turn on. They run out and see this totally random guy just standing in the door way. They make (rather awkward) eye contact, and then the guy runs downstairs. The other elders actually live in the branch house, so they went to make sure all the doors were locked, and a couple bathroom doors were open. So then we had to come over to help them make sure he isn't hiding in one of the stalls trying to murder us or something. So if you can imagine 4 Elders all standing around with knives at 10 o'clock at night, busting down bathroom stalls. So it was a pretty eventful night.

So then the next day, we got to go to Győr for our first conference with our new mission president, Pres. Szabadkai, and it was awesome. Firstly, it was ALL in Hungarian, which was super awesome. And he is a super great guy, and it was really great talking to him. And it was in Hungarian!!! So we're all super excited about it. 

We had a little 4th of July party at Tibors house and it was awesome. We had sausage in the morning (real Austrian sausage and it was FANTASTIC) then we cooked Gulyas soup, and topped it off with some s'mores!!! No we don't have hersheys or graham crackers, but we made it work. I'll try and send some pictures next week because I forgot my card reader. But it was a super awesome time!!! 

Alright, I don't have a whole lot of time, but hope you all have a great week! Next week I will let you all know how things are going in Kispest! Wish me the best of luck!
 Miss you and love you all! 

Elder Dalton

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