Monday, February 9, 2015


What's up everyone!    

Another week here in Pécs and things are going super well! The branch down here is amazing, there are tons of really cool people,  Elder Barbour and I are having a great time and finding a lot of success! Unfortunately, this week we didn't get to meet with as many people as we wanted to because we had a SNOW STORM!!! Couldn't believe coming to the warmest part of the country, and we were the only ones who got snow, but it was actually really great. The city looked beautiful, but unfortunately, didn't get any pictures of that. But it's snowing again today, so hopefully I can show you all just how beautiful this place is. 

Anyway, with the snow and cold weather, we actually had a ton of fun. So first off, we wanted to take advantage of the snow and use it to find some new people (and have fun in the mean time) so we just started a ton of snowball fights with families and other people walking around town. We would just be standing there with our English class sign and table, and then yell, "Hócsata!" (snowball fight) and start throwing snowballs at them. Then they would just start throwing them back, and actually was a great way to start a conversation with someone. Try it out sometime, I suggest it. Then after that, we saw a little girl building a snowman, so we went over and started helping her. We got to talk to her and her family, and built a huge snow man in the middle of the town square. It was probably the best snowman I had ever made in my life, and we set our table next to it, and people just started coming to us, wanting to take pictures, and wondering where we were from. It was a ton of fun and actually really effective. 

The Extra Missionary helping out with the work!

So my mom was also asking me about the family that we met with last week. Well, they didn't come to church last week, but we actually ran into them on the street one day and talked to them for a little bit, and they said they were really struggling. They said they got kicked out of their house, so not exactly sure where they are living, but they said they really wanted to talk. They said they would come to church this week, but again, they didn't show up, so we are hoping we can run into them again (it's pretty common in Pécs, pretty small town) and try and help them out. But we did get to meet with a great lady from English class. We just talked to her and she said she wanted to meet and that she wanted to come to church! She is all alone so I think the church is really going to help her and she's really interested in hearing what we believe in.

 Things are going great and I'm loving it down here. Hope everything is well back home and that you are all surviving the snow storms!!! Love you all lots and hope you have a great week! 

Keep it real!

Elder Dalton

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