Monday, December 15, 2014

Kellemes Karácsonyt!!!

Kellemes Karácsonyt!!! 

So just a little more than a week until Christmas, and I don’t know about you all, but I’m getting pumped. There are tons of decorations everywhere and things are super festive! It really is the most wonderful time of the year! But, we did not have the most wonderful week, that is for sure... We still had a lot of fun and it was a great week, but let’s just say it was interesting.

First off, we had to deal with some health issue stuff. On Wednesday we went to the doctors for Elder Robinson (we have officially ruled out scabies, which I am SO grateful for)  he has been getting blisters on his feet and can barely walk! Which, isn’t really the best for missionary work. Not to mention that, he got pretty sick too (just a cold or something) so things were pretty interesting. We went into the doctors on Wednesday, went back for blood tests on Thursday, and this morning we went back for a final visit. Now for those of you who know me, you should understand that this is WAY too much time spent in a hospital for my enjoyment, but luckily, we got to the bottom of it and it should be all better and cleared up in time for Christmas! 

So along with that, we went out to eat as a district after one of our meetings to this Mexican place (first mistake don’t get Mexican food in Hungary). Well, something was wrong with the food, and almost our ENTIRE district got sick (not the throwing up kind....) 7 out of 10 of us got sick, so we can just say that it was an interesting day all together, and we weren’t able to be the most productive.  

On Saturday, we have our sport nap, where we just go and play soccer in the park. There is one guy, who comes every week, who is always trying to start drama, especially with missionaries. But anyway, during the soccer game, we all look over and he’s just on the ground, curled up in a ball. We help him up and he limps over to the bench (being quite dramatic the whole time...) and sits there for a while. Someone said they saw him just fall onto the ground while nobody was around him. So he is acting like it is a huge deal, and he asks Elder Robinson for a band aid to put on his bruise, which was literally on the other leg.  Elder Robinson asked him about it and he’s like, "Both of my legs hurt!!!" So after we were done, we walked back to the branch house, and he’s walking with us. We're kind of rushing because we were late for our English class, and he is keeping up with us no problem (complaining the whole way...) When we get there, he sits on the bench, right in front of the door so everyone coming to class can see him. Now we ALL know for sure that he is faking, but you won’t believe this. He literally calls an AMBULANCE!!! I am not kidding you. We watch from our English class as paramedics come, and load him onto a STRETCHER!!! This is real people. He walked a good 5 minute walk to the church building, and then could go no further, and actually called an ambulance. We couldn’t believe it, So that was the event for the day, and I will give you an update on his health next week because I'm sure you are all quite worried for him, it might be serious....

But despite some crazy stuff, we are keeping a good atitude! Not our most successful week, because of various things and a lot of people getting busy before Christmas, but we definitely learned a lot from our experiences! The hardest times we go through are often what shape who we are. I love these people and I love this work. This next week should be a lot of fun with Christmas coming up. Great time to realize all the many blessings we have in our lives, especially that God gave his son to us, Jesus Christ.

Hope you have a great week and a great Christmas!

Elder Dalton

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