Monday, November 17, 2014

Budapest Week 8

     This is officially my last full week before the transfer!! Get excited because next Tuesday we will find out where I will get to spend all of my holidays! (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). But this past week was amazing! Elder Robinson and I really worked hard and we  had a lot of success! We have found quite a lot of new investigators, and things are going really well with all the ones we have!   We also had our stake conference on Sunday, which means a bunch of different congregations (branches and wards) from all over the country got together for one big meeting and it was really amazing. We had two people come from Germany (they're actually English, but live in Germany... confusing, I know) and they gave some amazing talks. They were there because our Stake got a new Stake President. The one before, President Klinger, has been serving for 8 years, and was the countries first Stake President. The new Stake President who they called is an American who has lived here for 10  years and is the Bishop of our ward (congregation) so we were all super excited about that and he'll be really great, but we're not sure who is going to be our bishop now... 

     So here's some other cool random stuff that happened this week. Well, sorry thats a  lie, so this didn't happen this week but we met with the guy from this story this week! So a couple of weeks ago, we found this one guy as we were tabling at a metro station close to our apartment  called Móricz Zsigmond Körtér. So we never had gone tabling there before, but we decided to this day to try and mix it up, but we soon found out why people don't normally go tabling there. THE PEOPLE ARE STRAIGHT UP CRAZY!!! There was a crowd of about 15 homeless people or so and they were having some sort of homeless party or something. They each decided to come up to us one by one asking us for money  and then they would go back and plan how they can get money from us again.  They just walk up and say the exact same thing as the first guy. One man actually tried to give us money so that we would leave and tried to steal a Book of Mormon to throw it in the trash... With that, absolutely nobody wanted to stop and talk.  But after about an hour of this we met one guy who was SUPER cool. He speaks English well and we met with him this past week, and he told us that he thought that we were a message from God, and that he needs to hear what we have to say! So we are WAY excited about that and hoping things will go well!

Another quick experience this week...we are teaching one family (actually just two daughters, two other elders from Germany and Austria are teaching the mom German) came to church last Sunday and when we met with one of the daughters this week, she told us that her sister was really sick and has been for a long time, and while she and her mom were in church, they were praying really hard for her. Then a couple days later, she got totally better! We were amazed! I know the God really does love us and that he does bless us so much in our lives!!!

So one more thing about the lady that is getting baptized in a couple weeks. We met with her just this morning and she is totally perfect. She has so much faith and is so ready to be baptized. We taught her about tithing and promised her the blessings that come from it, and she really doesn't have much money at all, but she was so  excited to pay tithing because she knew that the Lord would bless her. I know that when we follow His teachings, that we will be blessed in our lives, because I have been blessed in my life. I am so happy for this gospel and for this opportunity to share it with the people of Hungary. I love them all so much and I love you all as well! I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you  next TUESDAY and we will see where I will spend the rest of 2014!!! Love you all lots and have a great week!

Elder Dalton

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