Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Great Week!

Happy P day everyone!

A really great week out here in Magyarország!  Things are going really well and I love being out here!  The language is still tough, but I am improving, so that’s a start!  This week was pretty normal, nothing too exciting, but here are a few highlights:

So first off I think I mentioned last time that we are losing some of our investigators to Pest, which is kind of a bummer, but this week, we really worked hard and have found 7 new investigators which was totally amazing. One of them we found the other night while we were tracting. So first off, tracting is just going door to door and seeing if anyone is interested in hearing about our church, which can be pretty tough, especially in Hungary.  Most people aren’t home during the day, and when you bother them at night, when the people are there, they get super mad.   Most people are sleeping (at like 6 oclock. it’s super crazy), but I convinced my trainer to go tracting at night despite people getting really mad at us. We went through a couple of buildings and didn’t find anyone who was interested. As we were heading back for the night walking by one building,  I just kind of walked over and tried pushing the door to see if it was open, and it was!  This is a miracle in and of itself because that doesn’t really happen much. My trainer kind of wanted to just go home, but I told him that the door was open, so we need to at least try.  We go in, not really knowing what we’re doing, but then the first (and only) door we knock on in that building, a lady just said, yes, yes, I would love to meet, you should come back tomorrow!  We were both super excited and knew that the Lord had guided us to someone who was prepared.  We taught her the next day and she is seriously, the coolest person ever.  She converted to Judaism, but is kind of both Jewish and Christian, and just really loves hearing about different religions.  She is a single mom and also teaches English, so we don’t have to speak Hungarian which is great for me!  Her name is Hajnalka and she is the coolest and I hope that we can keep working with her!

Some other good news, I think I mentioned that the lady that got baptized when I first got here disappeared, but this week we finally made contact with her! Apparently she was sick and because she has so much stuff going on in her life, from the baptism, a divorce with her husband, and looking for a job, she just had to take a break from the world for a little bit, but we were finally able to talk to her on the phone! She was sooooo glad to hear from us and we called her everyday this week. She came to church on Sunday too and still really loves us and loves the gospel. We’re working with her closely and hope that she can pull through!  She felt great at church though and even though she is in a really rough place in her life, she was smiling the whole time. It’s really amazing to see how her life has been changed.

A couple of other things that might be interesting to you (might not, sorry, but it’s your fault for reading this far) we had a Halloween party with the young single adults from all over Hungary which was super fun. As missionaries, we weren’t allowed to dance, so it was pretty difficult for me to just sit on the side and watch, but it was still a lot of fun (and we got to listen to some normal music for a little while). A lot of our investigators came and had a great time!

Also, that one picture with the crazy bird thing is actually at a cemetary. This past Saturday was a holiday for the Hungarians, where they all go to visit the graves of those who have passed away and place flowers and candles and stuff all around. That weird thing is a griff, and apparently symbolizes the resurrection in the Catholic church. Anyway, its just a giant cemetary and there are candles all over the place and it was actually really cool. We wanted to go when it was dark, because then everything is all lit up, but didn’t have time. Look it up online though, because its super cool. Its called All Saints Day, or Day of the Dead. 

So I am now running out of time (and by time I mean money... this internet gets expensive...) but I hope that everything is going well back home and where ever you are! I love it out here in Hungary and have already learned so much! I’m so grateful for everyone who takes the time to stay updated with everything that’s happening with me (especially because I can be pretty random sometimes with these letters.)  I love you all and feel free to email me with any questions you have or if you just want to send some support! It really means so much to me to hear from all of you! Hope you all have a great week and we will talk to you next week!

Szeretlek Benneteket!
Elder Andrew Dalton

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