Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Budapest Week 7

     Sorry, I don't have much time this week to write  but I will try and make it somewhat interesting for you all to read.  We actually had a really great week! We taught a lot of lessons, and had a lot of success.  Ági, our one investigator I think I mentioned before, is progressing amazingly well. She is set to be baptized on November 29th, and she is more than prepared.  I think I mentioned too that she has to go to Pest, so we kind of have an interesting situation right now, but we think it will work out.   We  are teaching her during the week, because she works over here and can stop on the way to work, and then on the weekends, she is going with the sisters to pest for church. We had a meeting all together (Pest sisters, Agi and us) and it went well. She keeps thanking us for helping her in her life and she has found so much happiness and joy from the gospel.  She went to church yesterday and totally loved it and is so excited for her baptism.  The gospel really does help people in their lives, and I have gotten so much happiness and hope from the church in my own life.  I am just so grateful for the amazing opportunity that I have to do this work here and share something that has blessed me so much in my life.

     Last week on P day we went with some other missionaries to Pest to a store called Mr Sale that gets clothes from other places when they are over stocked on something, so they have some ridiculous deals and a lot of pretty high quality stuff. We all got a bunch of ties for 250 forint each (thats about a dollar). Other than that we didn't really do anything that exciting last week and we don't have anything that exciting planned for today. We already had a couple of lessons this morning, and one in the afternoon, so after that we might go do some sight seeing, or might just clean our apartment. Next week is Thanksgiving so hopefully we will do something exciting for that!  Then the week after that we have our transfers, so that will be exciting also, because we will get to see where I will be for Christmas (hopefully still in Budapest...). 

     As always, we had a few lessons with a few super crazy people, but the majority of them were really good! There really are people who are willing to hear our message even in Europe. We did go tracting and find some interesitng people who wanted nothing to do with us at all. A few old people who were very unhappy that we woke them up (at about 4 in the afternoon), so we always have some good laughs while we're tracting.  
     I know that this was probably super boring, but there was really not a whole lot new this past week. Things are still great and I still love it out here. Language is still super tough but it's coming along (slowly...). Budapest is totally amazing and I am having a great experience. Email me if you have any questions and I will talk to you all next week!

Elder Dalton

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