Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm in Budapest!!!

Sziasztok Mindenki!!!!

Wow, so in case you were wondering I am currently sitting in some random internet cafe in Budapest Hungary, so I guess that’s pretty cool!!! So first off, let me just say that this keyboard is all flipped around and what not so please be understanding of my typos and everything. The z and y are switched so just keep that in mind as zou read.... Anyway, there is a lot to talk about!!!  I guess I will just start from the beginning and then at the end we can have the more exciting stuff. 

OK! So first, my last week in the MTC was good. Just getting ready and all that, actually prettz relaxing, but then we had to leave the MTC at 6 Monday morning and head up to the Salt Lake City airport for our flight! Our flights were kind of long, but all together they weren’t terrible. We got to talk to some really interesting people (including this awesome guy named Chiggy from London). The London flight was kind of long, so that was a little annoying, and I didnt sleep all that much, but now I’m in Hungary so that is  great!!!  Also, the spacebar is super sticky, so I apologize again... Anzwaz, back to everything!  So we landed in Budapest after some long flights and got picked up by our Mission President and a couple of other missionaries. Thez grabbed all of our stuff and threw it into a big van and we piled into a little shuttle and went down over to the mission home which is right in Buda. We showed up, got some quick snacks because we were all starving, had some quick interviews with the President, and then went and checked into our hotel for the night. By the time we finished all of that, it was about 6 o’clock and President Smith and his wife had all of the new missionaries over for dinner (it was pulled pork. It was amazing...). After that the APs (Assistant to the President) They’re just missionaries who help the pres with stuff so they took us up to this awesome big church and we had this great view of Parliament and it’s all lit up at night. I got a couple good pictures, but most of them didn’t look that great so sorry about that. So then we were all absolutely exhausted, so we went back to the hotel and instantely crashed. In the morning, we got up for a complimentary breakfast in the hotel and it was amazing I couldn’t even believe it. We have been eating MTC food for two months, I am absoluletly loving everything that I am eating out here it’s so great. Maybe it’s just because we haven’t really eaten real food for a while, but it seriously is the best food I’ve had. Anyway, after that we went over to the mission home where all of us went out with the AP’s and a few other missionaries and went

streeting for the first time ever! This basically means that we go out to the street and try and talk to people about our church and hand out english class fliers and stuff. Yeah, we also teach english classes... and it’s all in Hungarian... so it was really quite interesting!!!  I seriously think that it is just a chance for the other missionaries to look and laugh at us, but it actually went pretty well! I actually gave a Book of Mormon to  one guy who was working in the plaza. I think he just wanted to try and sell it at his stand... but I don’t even care! I’m counting it as a success because I couldn’t even understand anything he said. I just told him to take this book. 

After that we went back to the mission home, where we got our trainers!!! So this might be the more exciting part, but my trainer is Elder Robinson and we are serving in Buda right now, so I didn’t have to travel far at all! Everyone else went out to farther parts of the country, but I am super glad that I get to stay in the  city because it is soooo beautiful. Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot of time, but there were lots of very interesting stuff this past week! So the first day, when we were carrying my bags around, my trainer left his key at the church house, so when we got to our apartment, a good 20 minutes away, we had to lug all of our bags back again, get the key, and go back to our apartment. It was kind of awkward carrying all my big bags around the city and the public transport, but pretty typical of your first day am I right? So that was super intersting. Also, in the lessons, I really dont know how to speak much, so I just kind of sit there and say a few things at the end, so it’s totally great! I actually can understand the gist of what people are saying some of the time, but then they look right at me and ask me a question, and that is when I just give them this blank stare because i have no idea what they said or how to respond. So yeah, its been a pretty eventful week!!!!

Also, in case you all were wondering, my apartment is pretty gross and I’m pretty sure someone died there, because it smells like old people all the time... and my bed is a little hard... and by that I mean it is basically the floor... but other than that I am really loving it here!!!  I can’t really understand what’s being said, but everyone is still super nice! Every Hungarian has a dog, every Hungarian smokes cigerettes, and they really really love to talk sometimes. 

We have actually been super busy though! So I was kind of expecting to  be  working on the streets and knocking on doors for most of the time, but surprisingly, this area is doing great! We seriously have programs all the time. That’s just what we call the meetings with people. Like I said we teach English (and by we, I mean my companion talks and I just write down what he says...) and we are meeting with like  6 people every day. Its unbelievable. And we actually already had a baptism too! It was really surprising but the first week we were here! My trainer was doing super great work before I got here though so it has been awesome. I love it all so far. This country is great. The food is great. The language is hard... but someday I will have it! There is probably a lot of other stuff to talk about that I forgot, but I will just try and get some more info next week. Today is our P day and I think we’re going to do a little boat tour down the river. Love you all lots and love to hear about whats going on back home! Hungary has really been amazing and I love my mission! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Dalton

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