Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Last Letter from Hungary!

Hey for the last time!!
Seriously, feels pretty unreal to think that this is the last missionary email! The last little bit really sneaks up on you!  When I think that this week I'm gonna be back home it doesn't even seem real! It seems like this is the only life I know, and yet it also feels not that long ago that we first said goodbye! Weird how time flies :P
We are actually going to be pretty busy for the last week. a lot of members have invited us over for our last week, so we won't be bored! We also have zone training tomorrow, so we will be going up to Budapest. Other than that, just getting ready to go back! Packing and cleaning out the apartment and what not. I still have a good amount to do before we go home, but we have the rest of the week! We go up to Budapest friday morning, and then Saturday we head out!

Last thoughts on my mission... It's tough, because there really are a lot of things! I will miss the people that I got to know here the most. That's for sure. And I will miss speaking Hungarian. It will be weird hearing and speaking English everywhere I go! I am really gonna miss just being in Hungary. I've definitely felt tons of blessings though!! It's hard to put into words all the great experiences I've had! Obviously, there were bad ones too, but when I think back on my mission, I just feel happy for the opportunity I had to be here and serve!  Honestly, it's hard to summarize my mission and bring it all together, but really, it has been a wonderful experience. I will always think back fondly on my time here in Hungary and hopefully I will be able to maintain relationships with people here for a long time! I feel like I have grown a lot and feel much closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. My faith has been strengthened and I really feel a love for the gospel and for the people here! It  has been an amazing time here! I can't wait to tell you all more about it when I get back! 

See you soon! Impressed that we made it this whole way!!!
Elder Dalton

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