Monday, October 26, 2015

Reunion in Győr!


Pápa life is going well, despite not having the most successful week of all time. We went out tracting a lot, which is always kind of a bummer, but there was some cool stuff that happened! 

We got to go to Győr this week for a Zone Conference, so not only was I able to meet with some of my friends from around the mission, but I also got to visit with a lot of my friends from Győr! After the conference, we went on splits with the Zone Leaders for the day, so we met up with Janka, and a couple of the other people from the English class here, and had a good time with them! Kellogg (my old companion from Győr) was also at the conference and he stayed after as well to meet with them so it was really just like old times!!! Then we spent some time with Erik, one of the kids, and in the evening went over to Éva's. I was super excited to see all those people and we had a really good time meeting with them and seeing old friends!

There is some cool stuff going on here in Pápa though! We actually go to this school for mentally disabled kids every week and teach them English.  They all are super enthusiastic and really fun and they love having us over! Really great to do stuff like that! And then this week we also found this house for orphan teenage kids and talked with them, and planned to go visit them too and teach some English and play some games or soccer with them. I always love doing things like this to help people who have so little in their lives. It is always an amazing feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself and help make other people happier! 

Other than that, things are pretty normal. We had Branch conference on Sunday, leaders from the district presidency came, and even the mission president and his wife came to the little branch here in Pápa!  We had some really great meetings with them! Also, there is a NATO base close to Pápa (dont know if I mentioned that or not) so we actually run into quite a few people who speak English. An American Mormon family just got to Pápa and were at church on Sunday, and will be living here for the next two years, which will definitely be cool having them around! 

Anyway, things are good here in Magyarország and I hope everything is going well with all of you back home! Love you all and wish you the best! Oh and happy Halloween! They dont have that here... kind of sad, so enjoy it for me! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Andrew Dalton


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