Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Awesome Week in Kispest!

What's good everyone!

Another awesome week here in Kispest! My new companion is super awesome and we get along really well!  Still always kind of weird having to adjust, but he is really chill, so things are going well. As for the week, it was pretty normal. We spent A LOT of time cleaning our apartment (yes, it was quite messy before) and now it looks really good. Other than that, English class started back up again this week which was fun. Good to see some of the people again and I actually always enjoy teaching the class. Just fun to tell lots of jokes and have fun with it and all the old nénis love it.
 There is lots of crazy stuff with all the refugees and what not, but we honestly just hear about it. All the train stations are totally full, but we don't really have to go that way too
 much, so we don't see much of it. But we did see 5 cops in full swat gear walking near one of the train stations. But really other than that, just EVERYONE talks about it. Every program we go to or every person always asks us what we think about all the refugees, and we're always like, well it's sad, but we don't really know anything about it.

 Yesterday for P-day we had a lot of fun! So we went to the zoo with all the other missionaries from Pest, and actually the zoo was pretty lame. You would think the Budapest zoo would be a lot cooler, but there weren't even that many animals. But it was still a lot of fun. But anyway, the best part was that they combined the zoo with this old amusement park and we went to a fun house. Which was way lame. BUT at the end, they had this giant barrel thing that you go in, and then you run up the side and it spins around. Not sure if you know what I'm talking about, but anyway, it was way fun. Somehow, you just get dizzy trying to run up it, and then you totally eat it and it keeps spinning around just tossing you all over the place. So we had a good time.  
THEN, after that we were heading back home, and in one of the metro stations, we heard some people playing music, so we go in and find another Christian group just trying to spread some joy. So we hung out for a little and listened to the music, and then we asked them if we could maybe play a little bit with them, so we struck a deal. Me and one of the Elders could play some songs (he's really good at guitar and singing, and I just hit a little box) but we had to do the cupid shuffle with them. So imagine 8 missionaries plus a bunch more Americans doing a big group dance in the middle of a Hungarian metro station. It was honestly super fun! 

Anyway, things are going good over here! Hope everything is great back home! Love you all and hope that you have a great week!


Elder Dalton

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